Colonial Mason’s Guild meets Colonial Craftsmen

In the days of King Solomon and in Medieval Times, the Master Builder would look to the Mason’s Guild for laborers and craftsmen to build the temple.

craftsmenOn Thursday, January 12th, the St. Paul Lodge Colonial Masons Guild attended a meeting of the Colonial Craftsmen, a club of Master Masons approved by Grand Lodge to perform Colonial Masonic Degrees and ceremonies. The meeting took place at the Publick House Historic Inn in Sturbridge.

The Colonial Craftsmen were established in 1973 and also have an adjunct group called The Distaff Side for the ladies. They meet five times a year, usually at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, but this year they’ll be moving their meetings around in a quest to get more Freemasons involved in the group. In addition to traditional degree work, the club also has it’s own presentation called On the Square: 1775, which is a reenactment of a Colonial lodge meeting and degree.

cmgmeetAfter dinner, Worshipful Kevin Flynn, Brother Mark Speakman, and Brother Miguel Guzman spoke with club president RW David Newcomb and Grand Lodge Librarian RW Walter Hunt about the needs of the Colonial Craftsmen and the available manpower at the Colonial Masons Guild. Not surprisingly, in true Masonic fashion, we “conciliated true friendships” and made plans to help each other. This was confirmed on Wednesday, January 18th, when ten CMG brothers voted unanimously to join the Craftsmen and supply the “laborers” needed for their degree work.

Join Us for a Patriots Day Weekend Colonial Festival

horse-paul-revereWould you like to learn more about the Colonial Masons Guild and other fun things to do at St. Paul Lodge? On Saturday, April 15th, we will be hosting a Patriots Day Weekend Colonial Festival and Masonic Open House. All are welcome, regardless of whether you’re a Mason or not. There will be food, games, and Colonial presentations from our group and others. Bring the whole family and find out what Freemasonry is all about. Our Lodge is actively looking for new members and we’ll be taking applications all day.


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